About Us

Linda Lee was a Delta Flight attendant for 17 years- but after the life altering events of September 11th and the tragic passing of her beloved husband, she knew it was time to pursue a new venture. When Out of the Box opened, Caroline was a young teen. Even then though, the enormous amount of her free time she happily spent at the store would be indicative of the passion it would become for her in the future. Caroline went on to graduate from the University of Montevallo with a major in Retail Management and a minor in Business.

Her college experience further fueled her desire to expand Out of the Box into new territories- introducing women’s apparel, baby clothing, unique jewelry lines, and much more! The response from the community as well as social media was tremendous. Caroline’s vision is what continues to propel the store towards a bright future, with this new online presence being a huge step in that direction.

Every order that we receive means the absolute world to us & we are so thankful for your continued support! All online orders are personally packed by Caroline, and we promise you, you won’t be disappointed! 💕